What is Shibuya Club Map?

The Shibuya club map is a navigation site where the club of Shibuya Tokyo Japan where it wants you to use it from love of the club for the beginner was brought together. Images such as big DJ events and the dance events are strong if it is said the event of the club, and it is used also for a small-scale event etc. in which the association, the second wedding fashion show, and jazzfan gather. I think the club and the event surely requested to be found because I will publish small event information that cannot be known in the Shibuya club map easily up to now.

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About Shibuya in Japan

Shibuya Photo

The center of Japan (Tokyo) is Shibuya. Shibuya in which young people gather is a town where a lot of cultures of the young person gather. A lot of eminent clubs exist, and the club of Shibuya wants to be visited the club of Shibuya once by all means and to be gotten by me domestically if coming to travel to Japan. A happy spot is full loading besides the club, and it is likely to be able to play together in Shibuya making the friend with the club. Please enjoy Shibuya in Tokyo.