club asia

The main floor of space of ceiling height 6m with composure. The sound system uses EAW, and DJ booth and the stage size of the mezzanine are the designs corresponding to 300 capacity people, and the stage is equipped fully with the giant screen of 200 inches. STANDING BAR that associates the nightless entertainment district in Asia exists in BAR FLOOR that separates the door, and it is possible to correspond to the event and PARTY that centers on STAGE. It is LOUNGE FLOOR to appear to 2F to go up along the wall painting the stairs that wanders off and assumes [ajianrizo-to]. The interior is fully equipped with VIP ROOM, and in addition, I will have separated, and enable the production of settled atmosphere with 1F FLOOR. It corresponds to small-scale PARTY in the use only of 2F, and here is one face of clubasia.

Tokyo Shibuya Ward yen mountain town 1-8
It is 5 minutes on foot from Shibuya station.
800 people

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