Glad (club asia P)

It equips fully from Shibuya station with the inside of a store in the state of open ceiling Coliseum, the projector of the best picture quality, and the screen of 120 inches at 7 minutes on foot, and the best space for all the parties and events such as the press announcement, the film previews, and the second wedding associations. P that is smaller than club asia and VUENOS can enjoy the event by the stage by a near sense. The space of the audience all-in-one design is created. 1m? for oneIt is possible to correspond also to a large-scale band by using two increase stages of 2m.

2-21-7 the eighth Yazawa building 2F.3F in Tokyo Shibuya Ward road redish black slope
It is 7 minutes on foot from Shibuya station.
300 people

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