Space of healing to which adults who work at city are opened from stress of every day by music and sake. NEO that can be enjoyed as communication space. An original cocktail that uses a fresh fruit will be made relaxation space that can support energies to collecting tomorrow and we offer everybody the lounge space of a new sense. Various projects or the parties are being recruited in the place where the image named young person's Shibuya is strong so that a lot of people of you may use this space to offer a rich adult, new, happy healing space more deeply. Post-party party of the wedding, multipurpose studio, matchmaking party, corporate reception party, exhibition, artist PV, and the magazine medium theft, etc. chiefly become it.

2-21-7 the eighth Yazawa building 5F.6F in Tokyo Shibuya Ward road redish black slope
It is 5 minutes on foot from Shibuya station.
260 people

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